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Various - Rockcan Sound E Can (Rockman 25th Anniversary) Album

Various - Rockcan Sound E Can (Rockman 25th Anniversary) Album Performer: Various
Title: Rockcan Sound E Can (Rockman 25th Anniversary)
Style: Soundtrack
Label: Capcom
# Cat: CPCA-10264~73
Released: 19 Sep 2012
Country: Japan
FLAC album: 1028 mb
MP3 album: 1825 mb
Rating: 4.9
Genre: Screen


1Dark Man Stage2:05
2Dr. Cossack Stage 11:20
3Ring Man Stage1:25
4Blizzardman Stage1:59
5Farewell to Ballade (Special Stage 3)2:56
6Dr. Wily Stage 12:23
8Knightman Stage2:18
9Skull Man Stage1:37
10Stage Select0:47
11Dr. Wily Stage1:50
12Heart of Enker (Special Stage 1)1:44
13Flash in the Dark (Dr. Wily Stage 1)1:49
14Boss Attack Result0:43
15Future World1:03
16Top Man Stage2:00
18Game Start0:10
19Rush Jet0:34
20Opening 20:36
21Bright Man Stage1:23
22Theme of Forte1:31
23Last Boss2:24
24Desert Commando (Commando Man Stage)2:21
25 Rockman 5 for PS1 (and Mega Man Anniversary Collection)
26Dr. Right Labratory1:21
27Game Over0:05
28Dr. Wily Stage Map0:20
29Go Together1:06
30Staff Roll2:13
31Get Items0:08
32Dr. Wily Stage 32:06
33Dr. Cossack Stage 22:08
34Gravity Man Stage2:44
35Staff Roll3:17
36Mega Man 6 - Opening0:44
37Wily Machine2:00
38Castle of Evil (Dr. Wily Stage 4)0:56
39Dr. Wily Stage Boss0:39
40Dr. Cossack Stage Map0:10
41Staff Roll1:51
42Capcom Logo0:09
45Mission Mode Result0:42
46Metalman Stage1:30
47Data Base0:39
48Dr. Wily Stage Map0:10
50Theme of Blues0:06
51Astro Man Stage1:53
52Get a Weapon0:39
54Dr. Wily Stage 41:10
55Gyro Man Stage1:44
56Mr. X Stage Map0:10
57Dr. Wily Capsule1:13
58All Stage Clear0:12
59After All0:18
60Skull Man ~冥界の戦士~3:22
61Clown Man Stage1:32
62Dr. Wily Stage Boss1:18
63Stage Select0:38
64Toad Man Stage1:29
65Dr. Wily Stage Boss1:23
66Capcom Logo 20:07
67Lab Attack1:35
68Dr. Wily Stage 12:37
72Opening 30:41
73Hornet Dance (Hornet Man Stage)1:43
74Data Base0:42
75Mode Select0:38
76Skull Man Stage1:47
77Stage Select0:56
78Dr. Wily Stage 22:47
80Cloud Man Stage3:48
81Game Start0:09
82Woodman Stage1:25
83Staff Roll2:27
84Dr. Wily Machine1:24
85Stone Man ~傀儡の奇石~3:07
86Shadow Man Stage1:59
87All Stage Clear0:09
88Toad Man Stage1:22
89Last Boss0:58
90Last Stage0:22
91Dr. Wily Stage 11:49
92Capcom Logo0:06
93Get a Weapon0:37
94Gutsman Stage1:54
95 Rockman 6 for PS1 (and Mega Man Anniversary Collection)
96Fly Me to the Sunshine (Wave Man)3:14
98Title / Mode Select0:38
99Dr. Wily Stage 41:18
100Staff Roll (PS)1:23
102Solar Inferno (Solar Man Stage)2:40
103 Bonus Track
104Opening 10:45
105Top Man Stage1:49
106Abandoned Memory (Dr. Wily Stage 1)1:55
107Dr. Wily UFO0:16
108 Mega Man 8 (Rockman 8) for Sony Playstation & Sega Saturn (Full Motion Cut Scenes)
110Flameman Stage2:02
112Centaurman Stage1:32
113Turbo Man Stage1:28
114Boss Attack Result0:42
115Unused Track1:07
118Stone Man Stage1:33
119Mid Boss1:37
120Airman Stage1:44
121Stage Clear0:08
122Game Over0:05
124Dr. Wily Stage 11:53
125Get a Weapon0:28
126Last Boss1:11
127Clear Demo0:19
128Mr. X Stage Map0:11
129Stage Select0:36
130Staff Roll2:04
131Plantman Stage1:40
132Mr. X Stage1:44
133 Rockman 4 for PS1 (and Mega Man Anniversary Collection)
136Elecman Stage1:16
137Shadow Man Stage2:13
138Wave Man Stage2:09
139Plug Electric (Plug Man Stage)2:01
140Shop -Forte-1:20
142Sword Man Stage1:40
144Dive Man Stage1:38
145Dr. Wily Stage 21:53
146Gemini Man Stage2:04
147Pass Word0:35
148Dark Man Stage Map0:11
150Shall we go on a Magnetic Continuous tour? ~楽しい旅をいつまでも… (Magnet Man)3:40
152Drill Man Stage1:44
153Heatman Stage1:51
155Ring Man Stage1:31
156 Mega Man 8 (Rockman 8) for Sony PlayStation
157For You -Roll's Theme-2:17
159Galaxy Fantasy (Galaxy Man Stage)1:47
161Staff Roll (PS)1:27
163Dr. Wily Stage Map0:12
164Usual Day0:53
166Overdrive Scramble (Special Stage)2:01
168Elecman Stage1:33
169Pass Word0:31
172Dr. Right Lab0:38
173Capcom Logo0:10
175Pass Word0:29
178Get the Punk Out (Special Stage 2)2:00
179Needle Man Stage2:20
180 Mega Man 3 (Rockman 3) for Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom)
181Capcom Logo 10:10
182Wily Capsule0:25
183Cybersheep's Dream (Sheep Man Stage)2:18
184VS フォルテ0:35
185Dr. Wily Stage 21:58
186Mr. X Stage1:42
187Clashman Stage2:34
188Napalm Man Stage1:49
189Junk Man Stage2:07
190Game Over0:06
191Opening Stage1:54
192Heatman Stage1:04
193Get a Weapon0:23
194Staff Roll5:03
195Get a Weapon0:24
196Dr. Cossack Stage Map0:12
197 Rockman 3 for PS1 (and Mega Man Anniversary Collection)
198Spark Man ~閃光の魔術~3:12
199Spark Man Stage1:17
200Stage Select1:09
202Tengu Man Stage (SS)1:33
203Still Life0:23
204 Rockman Special CD Vol.1/2 Alph-Lyla
205Cut Man Stage (SS)1:31
206Windman Stage2:08
207Charge Man Stage2:26
208Fireball Strike (Strike Man Stage)2:00
209Pharaoh Man Stage1:27
210 Mega Man (Rockman) for Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom)
211Napalm Man Stage1:46
212Dr. Wily Stage 12:35
213Wood Man Stage (SS)1:47
214Absolute Chill (Chill Man Stage)2:53
215Last Boss0:35
216 Rockman 2 for PS1 (and Mega Man Anniversary Collection)
217Yamatoman Stage1:53
218Polluted Pump (Pump Man Stage)2:01
219Dr, Wily Stage 11:17
220All Stage Clear0:13
221Fireman Stage1:09
222Silent Rain (Dr. Wily Stage 1)1:01
223Stage Select0:37
224VS ジャイアントゴリスリー0:36
225Jewel Temptation (Jewel Man Stage)1:38
226Last Boss2:23
227Splash Blue (Splash Woman Stage)2:05
229Dark Man Stage Map0:10
230Crystal Man Stage1:46
231 Mega Man 7 (Rockman 7) for Super Nintendo (Super Famicom)
233Tengu Man Stage1:48
234Plantman Stage1:39
235Pass Word0:43
236Bubbleman Stage1:46
237Dr. Wily Stage Map0:09
238Mission Mode Result0:43
240Theme of Duo0:57
241Dr. Wily Stage 11:42
242Grenade Man Stage1:46
243Staff Roll2:20
244Flashman Stage1:30
245Bright Man Stage2:00
246Pharaoh Man Stage2:01
248Snake Man Stage1:33
249Star Man Stage1:56
250Opening 21:41
251Crush Out (Clashman)2:42
252Pass Word0:38
253Aqua Man Stage1:54
254Spring Man Stage1:55
256Shop -Rock-1:08
257Dr. Wily UFO SE0:16
258Magnet Man Stage1:25
259Opening 11:29
260 Mega Man 4 (Rockman 4) for Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom)
261Dust Man Stage1:20
263Stage Clear0:06
264Frost Man Stage1:44
265Deep in Space (Dr. Wily Stage 5)1:47
266Flameman Stage2:03
267Quickman Stage1:30
268Last Battle0:53
270Staff Roll (Kaze Yo Tsutaete)3:21
271Gemini Man Stage2:41
272 Mega Man 9 (Rockman 9) for Nintendo Wii / PlayStation 3 / XBox 360
273Game Over0:08
274Shade Man Stage Start (Secret)0:07
275Strange World (Dr. Wily Stage 3)1:58
276Tomahawkman Stage2:05
277Dive Man Stage1:39
278Dr. Wily Castle -Final-0:21
279Last Boss0:59
280Pass Word0:39
281Get a Weapon1:04
282Pass Word0:36
283Stage Clear0:07
284Frolic Funk Dance (Ring Man)3:13
285Wily Machine1:17
286Dr. Wily Stage 12:45
287Yamatoman Stage2:53
288 Rockman for PS1 (and Mega Man Anniversary Collection)
289Dark Man Stage2:08
290Charge Man Stage2:27
292 Mega Man 5 (Rockman 5) for Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom)
294Maze of Death (Endless Stage)4:04
295Blizzardman Stage1:51
296All Stage Clear0:08
298Tomahawkman Stage2:02
299Dr. Wily Stage 11:39
300Shop -Blues-0:57
301Opening 20:43
302Burst Man Stage1:47
303Thunder Tornado (Tornado Man Stage)2:37
304Ending ~戦塵の終わりに~3:25
305Shade Man Stage1:53
307All Stage Clear0:11
308Drill Man Stage1:54
309 Mega Man 6 (Rockman 6) for Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom)
312Against the Pressure (Dr. Wily Stage 2)2:20
315Freeze Man Stage2:26
316Shade Man Stage (Secret)2:52
318All Stage Clear0:17
319Rockman Family0:43
320 Mega Man 2 (Rockman 2) for Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom)
321Concrete Jungle (Concrete Man Stage)1:54
322Opening Stage 11:52
323Stage Select0:32
325Search Man Stage2:14
326Dr. Wily Stage1:47
327Gyro Man Stage2:39
330Get Items0:09
332Big Eddie's0:39
333Game Over0:07
335Dr. Wily Stage 21:52
337Staff Roll (PS)1:53
338Find my way to the Top (Wily)4:38
339Windman Stage2:07
340Theme of Forte1:25
341Magnet Man Stage2:16
342Opening 20:35
343Dr. Wily Stage2:33
345Star Man Stage1:49
346Dr. Wily Castle0:10
347Airman Stage1:58
348Endless Struggle (Endless Stage)3:59
349Knightman Stage2:16
350Dr. Wily Stage Boss1:10
351Dr. Wily Stage 21:31
352Stage Select0:21
353Cutman Stage1:30
354No Turning Back (Dr. Wily Stage 3)1:56
356Pass Word0:34
357Game Start0:11
358Dr. Cossack Stage 11:27
359Opening Stage 21:08
360Get a Weapon0:43
362Stage Clear0:09
363Bubbleman Stage1:28
364Stairway to Darkness (Dr. Wily Stage 4)1:35
365Dr. Wily Castle0:09
366Dust Man Stage1:25
367Wave Man Stage2:08
368Dr. Wily Stage 20:58
369Centaurman Stage2:03
370Dr. Wily Stage Map0:11
371Iceman Stage1:22
372Dr. Wily Stage 31:36
373Get a Weapon / Boss Attack Result0:39
375Stage Select0:30
376Get a Weapon0:27
377Stage Select0:39
378Theme of Wily0:40
380Cutman ~灼熱の楽園~3:24
381Hard Man Stage1:47
382Stone Man Stage1:34
383Cutman Stage1:33
385 Mega Man 8 (Rockman 8) for Sega Saturn (Exclusive Tracks)
386Gutsman Stage1:07
387Nitro Rider (Nitro Man Stage)2:22
388Dr. Wily Stage Boss0:52
389We're the Robots (Dr. Wily Stage 2)3:00
390Bombman Stage1:21
392Slash Man Stage1:43
393Magma Burning (Magma Man Stage)1:35
394Get a Weapon0:35
395Staff Roll (PS)3:24
396King of Blades (Blade Man Stage)2:35
397Fourth Wind (Windman)3:25
398Evil Wily1:15
399 Mega Man 10 (Rockman 10) for Nintendo Wii / PlayStation 3 / XBox 360
400Staff Roll (PS)2:30
401Stage Select0:40
402Pass Word0:33
403Dr. Wily Stage 31:42


CategoryArtistTitle (Format)LabelCategoryCountryYear
CPCA 10352~61Various Rockman Sound Box ‎(10xCD, RM)CapcomCPCA 10352~61Japan2014


The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) soundtracks for Mega Man 1~6 (Rockman 1~6) are remastered from their original sound source.

Mega Man 7 & 8 (Rockman 7 & 8) are new recordings made for this set. They are not the same as the earlier transfers by Team Entertainment in 2007 thus all previous errors from that transfer have been corrected.

Names for the robot master tracks (and others) are not all written in a uniform style in the booklet. For example Mega Man 1 may have "Gutsman Stage" with no space between Guts and man while the track listing for other games may have the have the space like "Knight Man Stage." The track names were entered as they are written in the accompanying booklet... outside the fact that everything is written in capital letters.

The PlayStation soundtracks for Mega Man 1~3 are not comprehensive (they never were re-recorded in their entirety) but the PlayStation soundtracks for Mega Man 4~6 are comprehensive.

Obtaining the UPC for this set is somewhat of an issue as a sticker with a different UPC is slapped over the UPC printed on the actual box that houses the tin so you can't really get the original UPC. You may damage the box trying to peel the sticker off. The UPC listed is the one on the sticker.

Disc 1:
The mastering for some tracks (1-17) is slightly messed up where the high peaks in instrumentation are somewhat distorted. This affects all copies of this album, even the Rockman Sound Box reprint.

Track 1-33 is listed as "Dr. Wily Stage 1" when its actually an original track called "Yellow Devil" from Rockman: The Power Battle and Rockman 2: The Power Fighters.

Disc 2:
The mastering for some tracks (1-26) is slightly messed up where the high peaks in instrumentation are somewhat distorted. This affects all copies of this album, even the Rockman Sound Box reprint.

Track 2-42 "Crush Out (Clashman)" isn't Crashman's theme, it's Guts Man theme from the original Mega Man. This error exists on the mini CD this track originates from and wasn't corrected when moved over to this album.

Disc 3:

Track 3-28 "Magnet Man Stage" isn't the PlayStation version of Magnet Man's theme, it's actually Cloud Man's theme from Rockman 2: The Power Fighters. This is another mistake that was made due to a previous mistake on the The Power Fighters soundtrack track listing back in 1995.

Track 3-30 "Top Man Stage" isn't the PlayStation version of Top Man's theme, it's actually a track called "Mad Grinder" from Rockman 2: The Power Fighters which is a remix of "Opening Stage" from Mega Man 7. Again, this error is due to overlooking a previous error on The Power Fighters soundtrack.


  • Barcode: 4 900000 323115

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