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Tony Rainwater / Lucky Charmz - Lehultsub2 Album

Tony Rainwater / Lucky Charmz - Lehultsub2 Album Performer: Tony Rainwater / Lucky Charmz
Title: Lehultsub2
Style: Nu-Disco, House
Label: Lehult
Released: 15 Feb 2017
Country: Germany
FLAC album: 1106 mb
MP3 album: 1383 mb
Rating: 4.3
Genre: Electronic


1Lucky Charmz My Love 4 U Will Neva Die
2Tony RainwaterOne Touch
3Tony RainwaterLet's Celebrate Less Hats


Comments: (21)
Went Tyu
LOL @ FreedomJazzD Did you mean 'Take the piss' rather than 'Take a Piss' ? You might not have, but it would make much more sense if you did.I get what you're saying about these edits though ? They end very abruptly, while since the beginning of time the whole point of an edit was to make the track longer. Strange indeed.
This song is very tricky to mix. When I first heard this track I jumped on it. Still can't seem to mix it properly with another track. I'm not giving up yet!
Try hitting it on the 2 instead of the 1 of the previous track :) Had the same struggle hehe
This is a nice piece of wax ! ! ! ????
you secret
This morning I dreamt that I was discussing the unconventional arrangement of Let's Celebrate Less Hats with a friend...only to be woken up by a ring at the door. When I rushed to open it...I was greeted by the postman with this very record. No joke. Anyway, like many, I'm disappointed by the short run time and am still wondering what is an ideal way to play it out. I'm definitely not the most experienced and talented DJ, but also, I'm not a brainless beatmatch-only cookie cutter DJ either. Still, I'm a little perplexed by the fact the chorus comes immediately, followed by the bridge followed by beats. ***It's actually the 1st bridge that throws me off the most***In an attempt to put myself inside the mind of the producer I can only assume he either wanted to: 1) deliberately challenge DJs, resulting in only the best ones spinning it "successfully" (thereby keeping it "extra special")2) have DJs buy 2 copies to edit it live the way they see fit (though this is pretty frustrating for the buyer and digital DJs would not have the same disadvantage).3) take a piss (and laugh at people like me writing things like this)4) just release it in a way he thought was interesting. At any rate, if anyone has any thoughts on the arrangement (or if they know they original) please feel free to chime in :)
5) Being lazy with his edits (see LHLTSUB1) since the original track is 3:26 and vocal starts at 00:18. Also the original track fades exactly like his at the end. Pretty meh work if you ask me, sounds like it was made during a Point Blank youtube lesson video.
You can`t certainly hold the groove very long, but three min is enuff to mix it in, let it go, then bring a new tune in. Have it in your bag and use it as a secret weapon when it peaks - if it`s fit your style. I like fast cutting, fits me well
Works if you use it as a burner 33 rpm soul cut, sounds sexy af
it's like a quick n dirty party bonbon that fades away as quick as it got the party burning
Didn't liked it when I first heard it, but it really grew on me.
B1 is the only track I like on this release. I dont think I will get this one, I stay with my LHLTSUB1.
I just got me both because why not? :) .... I also like B1 most but I'm starting to think I might be getting into A1 + A2 sooner or later :D
Where did the sample for one touch come from, anyone know?
I think the vocals are Tina Marie. Not sure what song it is?
One Touch by Phil Perry from his Pure Pleasure CD 1994.Only on Cd.
Whats the track length for Let's Celebrate Less Hats? 3:13 seems a bit short.
maybe thats right, but why.. jikjkjkj jbj kkn ijkn ojk
According to the Juno website of this release, that is the correct length of the song :|
Where did he get the sample from in Let's Celebrate Less Hats?
One Touch by Phil Perry from his Pure Pleasure CD 1994 , No vinyl for it.
finally found it! its 52nd Street - Let's Celebrate. but for real what is the sample in One Touch